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When we picture our weddings I think we all have an idea of who will play an important part on the day for example Bridesmaids, Best men and Ushers but it isn't actually as easy as you may think. The list could go on and on if you have a big circle of close friends but unless you want a massive over the top wedding with no expense spared you have to keep it simple and whittle it down to your oldest, nearest and dearest. My older sister Vikki is my Maid of honour and my two closest friends Emily and Laura are my bridesmaids. My flower girls are my two gorgeous nieces Rosie age 5 and Gracie age 3 (Vikki and Jays Daughters) and also Emily's beautiful 1 year old daughter Ruby. Our two handsome page boys are Beau age 3 who is the son of my lovely friends Sophie and Billy and little Blake age 2 who is the son of me and slims close friends Chloe and Matt (Slims Usher) .I know people say it's a risk having little ones taking part in a wedding but to me that’s what makes it special and let's face it who doesn't like the anticipation of whether they will all make it down the aisle without a hitch or a tantrum!?

Over the years Slim has become so close to my family especially my brother Ben and Brother in law Jay and this has always been really important to me. They really are like three peas in a pod so when Slim told me he was going to ask them both to be his best men I was over the moon. His Ushers are his closest and eldest friends Matty, Terry and Neil so between us we have a strong team!


So this takes us on to picking our dresses and suits...

Being a girly girl picking 'the dress' for me was the most exciting thing on our to do list. Like most brides I had an idea of the kind of look I was going for but having looked at so many beautiful gowns online and in bridal magazines they had all blurred into one and nothing stood out more than the rest so I decided I would go to the bridal boutiques totally open minded .

It was the first boutique we had visited. As my mum, Sister Vikki (also maid of honor) and I approached the shop I saw it in all of its glory calling my name from the window display. 'I love it, that’s the one!! , that’s it!' I shrieked. Mum and Vikki told me to stop being silly as I hadn't even been inside yet and there was lots more to see but I was already in love.

I tried on several beautiful dresses but as lovely as they all were they just didn’t give me that feeling I was after. I wanted to instantly feel like a Princess as soon as I slipped it on. I wanted to be smiling from ear to ear and wanting to run out of the shop screaming from the hills with excitement but they just wasn’t doing it for me. I had kept the little beauty I had seen in the window until last. It was waiting for me in the changing rooms and I couldn’t wait to get all of the other dresses off so I could finally try it on.

As I was helped into the dress I knew this was going to be it. From the moment I saw it in the display I was in ore. I didn’t even have to look in the mirror before I had made up my mind. This stunning one of a kind bespoke dress was mine and I couldn’t wait to walk down the aisle feeling like a million dollars in the most beautiful dress I had ever seen. The look on my mum and sisters face confirmed this and the job was done. It really was that simple, one boutique and an easy decision.

Slim and the boys suits however have been a total nightmare!! I thought the boys would be the easiest part but us girls really have had it lucky compared to them. Anyone would think they were trying to suit and boot the entire Mafia the dramas they have had!. They wasn’t to blame either. It all started when the Tailor had double booked them all for their appointment so all of the boys couldn’t get seen. Its spiralled from there but we are all back on track in the suit department now and they are all going to look dapper. We even managed to find mini matching suits for the page boys. How cute!

After Slim had got himself and his boys suited and booted and I had found my dream dress it was onto the Bridesmaids and Little ones. I have to say that this was also drama free too where dresses were concerned. The shoes however turned up in a totally different colour to what was ordered. Bright Orange is definitely not what I had in mind so they got sent back straight away and was brought elsewhere. My bridesmaids and I had been looking at different dresses and bridesmaid companies I had found online so we kind of had an idea of the ones we all preferred and the style we were after. It was important to me that all of my bridesmaids were comfortable and happy with the final outcome as there is nothing worse than wearing something and being conscious all day. Unfortunately one of my bridesmaids Laura is travelling at the moment so she was unable to attend but my Mum, Vikki, Emily and I headed to a private boutique in Docklands where they could help me make the final decision and get measured up.

On entering the boutique we thought we knew the one we all wanted as it was the one we had all agreed on and loved online straight away but this all changed. After trying on a handful of dresses and clothes and shoes flying off in every direction we had managed to get it down to a choice of two dresses and not one of them was the one we had all originally liked. I never realized how different a dress could look on to what it looks like on the hanger. This is a tip for all of you girls, try EVERYTHING on even if you don’t think it's your style because I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised. So we now had Vikki modelling one dress and Emily modelling the other and the final choice was down to me. All of my bridesmaids are so different. All different heights, different hair colours and totally different body shapes so I chose the dress that I could see them all in and that would flatter them all. The girls agreed with my decision 100% and we all walked out extremely happy with our choice and even more excited about the big day. Luckily Laura was able to get measured where she was and it was all doable even from the other side of the world so it was job done for now until the final dress fitting, eeeek!!

So with just the little ones left to buy for,  My mum, Vikki, Emily and I along with the three little beauties Rosie, Gracie and Ruby decided to go and tackle this head on in one day. Originally we had thought that getting the same little dresses for three different ages was going to be pretty tough. Again I had an idea of the kind of style I was after but didn’t have one in particular that I wanted so we was going into this blindfolded but I knew that all three of them would look beautiful in whatever we decided to put them in so this wasn’t going to be difficult. Taking three little ones shopping for the day could have been a living nightmare but all three of them were little angels and co operated wonderfully which made all of our lives a lot easier. We were extremely lucky as the first shop we visited we found the most beautiful dress and they had all of the sizes we needed so it was off to the changing rooms for a quick change. They looked absolutely adorable! So perfect, and although Gracie had originally decided she had wanted a 'Green princess dress' we managed to persuade her and it was three tiny thumbs up from all of our girls.

With outfits for all checked off of the list and only a few finishing touches left to add we are all ready to go. This suddenly makes it all feel extremely real and I cannot wait to see everybody on the big day. I must say we are going to make one lovely looking photo album! ; )

Until next time..
Kate xxx

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