'He popped the question!'

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I was 16 when we met. Me and my girlfriends were out on the town in our
usual run down (feet sticking to the carpet) kind of club, getting up to our
usual teenage antics and dancing the night away when I was introduced to
my future husband for the first time. We clicked almost instantly (mainly
because he wouldn't leave me alone ) and we naturally started seeing a lot more of
each other and soon sealed the deal with the 'official couple' title.

We have both always know that we had found 'the one' and have always
had big plans for our future as a couple. We have always had dreams and
ambitions of owning our first house, both having our own businesses,
having a pet Bulldog and enjoying life together so it is safe to say we both
knew we were in this for the long run.

After 10 years all of our hard work has paid off . BUT ..... there is still one
major thing missing that we have both always dreamt of...

3 years ago myself, Slim and the family all had a little weekend away in
Sherwood Forest. From the moment we arrived we did nothing but laugh
and we left with so many lovely memories that we would all treasure

So fast forward those three years and there we all were on our way to re-live some of those memories and reminisce. I can honestly say I didn’t suspect a thing! As far as I knew we were just revisiting the place we had all grown to love previously. I was totally oblivious until 'the day' when nothing quite seemed to add up and everything seemed a little too fishy for my liking!

Slim and my brother Ben had woken up early to 'hit the gym'. I was left with
strict orders to be ready for when he returned at 9am because he had
booked a day of activities for the 2 of us. A couple of hours later the Two
Musketeers came back to the apartment, Ben covered in sweat from his
workout and Slim absolutely bone dry and not flustered in the slightest. I
chose to ignore this and carried on getting myself together for the day

The first part of our day consisted of Slim taking me on what felt like a 10
mile cycle. I wasn’t allowed to stop until we found a 'suitable space' so we
carried on until we came across an area of green where he finally allowed
me to take a break and catch my breath. We both sat down and he started
to unpack his backpack. Out came a bottle of prosecco and a cheeseboard,
both of which slid down nicely after all of that hard work. For dessert I was
asked to stand up and close my eyes and when I opened them again there
he was, my prince charming down on one knee with the most beautiful ring
being presented to me... 'Will you marry me?.' . Of course my answer was
'YES!' But I still for the life of me cannot remember speaking.I was a blubbering mess and could have quite easily exploded with happiness.

On the ride back to our apartment and Family I couldn’t stop staring at my
stunning new ring, so much so that I fell of my bike... TWICE!!! I also fell
through the door when we did finally get back to the apartment as I was so
excited and overwhelmed (well, that’s my excuse anyway!). Of course all of
the family were in on the secret and were absolutely over the moon.

So, I'm engaged and it’s the best feeling ever!!

Let the planning commence...

Kate xxx


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  • The perfect couple you were meant for each other. Can’t wait to see the flowers at your wedding I’m sure they will be amazing x

    VIkki on
  • That is sow loving and magical real story that I have read with tears in my eyes ,, I’m sow happy for you Kate and Slim !!
    Wishing you all the love & happiness throu your life together xxxxx

    Theodora on

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